Lipids Seminar Schedule 2014 Lipids Seminar Schedule 2014


Date Speaker Institution Title of talk Web page Host
Thu 1/23/2014
P. Christian Schulze
Columbia Cardiac Metabolism and Lipotoxicity in Advanced Human Heart Failure Ashley Cowart/Biochem
Fri 1/24/2014 Mark Kester U Virginia Nano "Solutions" for Cancer Therapy and Imaging
(Dr. Kester has relocated recently. This is a web page of his previous institution.)

Besim Ogretmen/HCC
Thu 3/6/2014 Joan Boggs U Toronto Galactosylceramide and Sulfatide Participate in Carbohydrate-Carbohydrate Interactions Between Apposed Membranes and May Form Glycosynapses Between Oligodendrocyte or Myelin Membranes Hiroko Hama/Biochem
Thu 3/27/2014 Glyn Dawson U Chicago Sphingolipids: Small Molecules with a Big Impact Tatyana Gudz/COBRE
Thu 4/24/2014 Ana Maria Cuervo Albert Einstein TBA Ashley Cowart/Biochem
Mon 4/7/2014 Carole Oskeritzian University of South Carolina TBA  
Mon 6/4/2014 Robert Stahelin Indiana University TBA Besim Ogretmen/COBRE

Thu 8/28/2014
Yongna Xing U Wisconsin TBA Besim Ogretmen/COBRE
Thu 9/18/2014 Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian U Kentucky TBA Stefka Spassieva/COBRE
Thu 12/11/2014
Emmanuel Skordalakes
The Wistar Institute
TBA Besim Ogretmen/Biochem