Protein Core Highlights Protein Core Highlights

MUSC Lipidomics COBRE Protein Core

Service Highlights

One-stop custom protein expression

  • Generation of protein expression plasmid constructs (with or without affinity tag)
  • Protein expression in E. coli
  • Column chromatographic purification (affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and size exclusions available)
  • Purified recombinant protein (1 to 10 mg)


Instruments available for protein characterization:

  • CD spectroscopy: a spectroscopic technique to estimate secondary structure of proteins
  • Dynamic light scattering: a direct non-invasive and quick method to determine diffusion coefficients and to calculate hydrodynamic radius and molecular weight.
  • Isothermal titration calorimetry: a method to determine thermodynamic parameters of molecular interactions in solution


Location:  Drug Discovery Building, room DD-222

Contacts Contacts

Director: Yi-Te Hsu, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Tel: 843-792-0849
Co-Director: Erika E. B├╝llesbach, Ph.D. Associate Professor Tel: 843-792-9926
Research Specialist II: Mr. Dzmitry Fedarovich Tel: 843-792-6529