User Fees User Fees

Service   Scale On Campus Off Campus
Equipment Use CD spectrometer   $10/hour $15/hour
  Dynamic Light Scattering   $10/hour $15/hour
  HPLC-MS*   $10/hour  
Protein Expression E. coli 2-5 mg $300  
  E. coli 5 mg+ $350  
  Stably transfected cell lines   $1000 each  
Protein purification Protein Refolding   $100  
  Column Chromatography   $100/run  
  Antibody Purification   $150  
  Immunoprecipitation small scale $100  
  (includes Ab-immobilization) large scale $200  
Protein analyses electrophoreses   $50  
  Western & fat Western   $100  
Peptide synthesis   0.10 mmol $20/residue $40/residue
    0.25 mmol $25/residue $50/residue
Protein modification** Via N-terminal intein fusion protein   $200  
  Via native chemical ligation   $200  

* solvents and columns need to be provided by the investigator

** Protein and peptide need to be provided by the investigator

Contacts Contacts

Director: Yi-Te Hsu, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Tel: 843-792-0849
Co-Director: Erika E. Büllesbach, Ph.D. Associate Professor Tel: 843-792-9926
Research Specialist II: Mr. Dzmitry Fedarovich Tel: 843-792-6529