Electrophoresis Electrophoresis

The Core provides customers with fast and high precision electrophoresis techniques, which allow verifying homogeneity, molecular weight, and isoelectric point of the protein using a programmable PhasteSystem, GE Healthcare, electrophoresis instrument. The laboratory uses precast SDS- and native-polyacrylamide gels of various pore-size and gradients allowing the use of most electrophoresis buffers.

Proteins are visualized with Coomassie Brilliant Blue, silver staining or by a reverse protein stain. In addition, the laboratory provides full cycle preparation for drying, scanning, digital processing, analysis and documentation of Coomassie- and silver-stained gels.


The core is equipped with a programmable PhasteSystem (GE Healthcare)




Concentration experiment:

1.      Eluted protein
2.      Concentrated up to ~12 mg/ml
3.      ~18-20 mg/ml
4.      ~9 mg/ml
5.      Markers





Often it is useful and time efficient to check the molecular weight and the native state of a protein side by side. The example below shows polyacrylamide gel-electrophoreses of the same protein in SDS-containing buffer (left) and native buffer (right), indicating that a single analytical electrophoresis system is not sufficient to prove homogeneity.

Protein after affinity chromatography analyzed by SDS-PAGE (left) and native gel (right)

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