Protein Expression in E. coli Protein Expression in E. coli

At the heart of the Core is the production of recombinant protein in sufficient amounts for subsequent studies such as different types of assays and blots, antibody production, structure analyses, etc. E. coli-based expression systems will be preferentially applied. Customers have a choice of a variety E. coli strains and vectors, which cover a wide spectrum of applications. They include expression of proteins with a His6 tag to allow purification by nickel affinity chromatography or as a fusion with glutathione S-transferase (GST), maltose-binding protein (MBP), or chitin-binding domain (CBD).

            The Core has the ability to express recombinant proteins in either small-scale protein preparation or large-scale protein preparation.

Contacts Contacts

Director: Yi-Te Hsu, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Tel: 843-792-0849
Co-Director: Erika E. B├╝llesbach, Ph.D. Associate Professor Tel: 843-792-9926
Research Specialist II: Mr. Dzmitry Fedarovich Tel: 843-792-6529